Dine In Menu


Onion Bhaji (2 pieces)


Classic entre of chopped onion and gram flour with mild spices


Sheek Kebab


Skewered ground lamb, tandoori grilled with tomato, capsicum & onion


Murgh Khalija (Chicken Liver)


Spicy chicken liver with caramelised onions and chilli


Vegetable Somosa


Classic entre of mixed vegetables encased in a crispy triangular pastry


Tandoori King Prawn


Marinated King Prawn cooked in the Tandoor


Macchi Pakora


Strips of white fish dusted in our own blend of spices and deep fried


Chicken Tikka


Classic entre of chicken morsels, matured in spiced yoghurt and tandoori grilled


Chicken Chaat


Chicken cooked in medium spices, served in a pastry casing


Prawn Puri


Prawns cooked in a bhuna sauce and served in a puree shell


King Prawn Bhaji Puree


King size prawns marinated in specially prepared sauce, cooked in Tandoor and served with salad


Vegetable Mix Selection


Aloo Chop, Samosa & Onion Bhaji, served with salad


Yash Mixed Starter
Chicken Tikka, Sheek Kebab & Lamb Tikka, served with salad


Aloo Chop


Potatoes with onions and spices, friend and served with salad

Garlic Mushroom Bhaji £3.20

Spiced and seasoned with garlic, served on a puri shell




Tandoori Chicken


Spring chicken matured in tandoori spiced yoghurt and grilled in the tandoor


Chicken or Lamb Tikka


Matured in a tikka spiced yoghurt and grilled in the tandoor


Tandoori King Prawn


King Prawns marinated in spiced yoghurt and tandoori grilled




Chicken, Lamb or Paneer marinated in spiced yoghurt with fresh green chillies, mint and coriander and grilled in the tandoor


Lamb Chop


Lamb chops matured in spice yogurt and grilled in the tandoor


Akbari Sizzler


Chicken or Lamb Tikka, dry, pan fried with onions, peppers, mushroom and garlic


Yash Mix Grill


Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Sheek Kebab & King Prawns marinated in yoghurt with herbs and spices, served with salad



Yash Specialities

Yash Special


Your choice of Chicken, Lamb or King Prawn. Chef's favourite dish. Medium spiced, strongly flavoured, very much a home style of cooking


Yash Shatkora (Lamb or Chicken)


Chicken or Lamb cooked in yoghurt, cinnamon, bay leaves and garam masala, flavoured with shatkora , the tangy aromatic from Bangladesh


Garlic Chicken


Cooked with fresh garlic, peppers and tomatoes, garnished with coriander


Macch Biran


Fillet of Seabass, pan fried and served on a bed of garlic spinach, accompanied with curry sauce


Yash Hariyali


Chicken or Lamb cooked with mint, coriander, fresh and picked chillies in a spicy sauce


Macch Langla


Fish cooked with green chilli, pepper in medium sauce


Chicken Rezella


Caramelised onions and green chillies in a spicy sauce

Lamb Shank  £11.90

Lamb Shank cooked in a rich garlic medium sauce, with kidney beans and coriander

Murgh Kalia £9.90
Whole chicken breast cooked with minced meat with onions, peppers and chillies in a strongly flavoured thick sauce  
Yash Jingri £10.50
King Prawns cooked in a rich sauce with fried chillies, long beans and potatoes  
 Macch Ar Bhat  £10.50
 Salmon marinated in a special rich sauce, cooked in the  Tandoori oven with medium spices and served with plain rice  


Chefs Specialities

Chicken Makoni



Pieces of Chicken Tikka cooked in rich creamy sauce with Almonds



Chicken Tikka Masalla



Chicken Tikka cooked with spices, tomatoes, peppers and cream



Chicken Tikka Bhuna



A medium curry in a thick sauce with tomatoes and peppers



Chicken Tikka Dopiaza



A mild curry with crispy onions



Chicken or Lamb Pasanda



Pieces of Chicken or Lamb cooked with creamed almonds and red wine



King Prawn Karai



King Prawns cooked with fresh exotic herbs and spices and served in a sizzling wok



Chicken Tikka Madras



This popular dish originates from Madras, it is cooked in fairly hot spices



Tandoori King Prawn Masala



Tandoori King Prawns cooked with tomatoes, peppers, spices, onions, almonds and cream


Garlic Macch   £10.50
White fish cooked in a medium spicy sauce with garlic, peppers and coriander    
Mango Delight   £8.80
Chicken or lamb cooked with mango and fresh cream    


Hot and Spicy

Chicken Jalfrezi


Chicken Tikka cooked in a fairly hot spicy sauce with green Chillies and Tomatoes


Murgh Kali Mirch


Pieces of chicken breast cooked with onions, tomatoes,


Chicken Shobuz Masalla


Chicken cooked with a variety of fresh green herbs, crushed garlic and ginger in fairly hot spices


Jhal Jhinga


King Prawns cooked with green chillies from Chettinad, fresh, full of bite, together with tomatoes, onions, black pepper, cumin, ginger, red chillies and coriander seeds



Old Favourites

Vegetables                            £4.90                                  

Chicken                                  £5.50

Lamb                                      £5.50                                  

King Prawns                          £8.50

Dansak Lentils cooked in a spicy sauce

Korma A very mild dish prepared with cream & almonds

Methi Medium sauce flavoured with dried Indian Fenugreek

Saag Leaf spinach cooked in medium sauce

Bhuna Classic curry with tomato and capsicum

Madras Hot and spicy curry

Curry Cooked with medium strength spices


Biryani Dishes

In these dishes the special Basmati rice is cooked with the main ingredients and served with a rich spicy sauce

Chicken Biryani


Lamb Biryani


King Prawn Biryani


Vegetable Biryani


Chicken Tikka Biryani


Lamb Tikka Biryani


Yash Biryani


Chicken, Lamb and King Prawn with an Omelette



Balti Dishes

Originated from the Northern Indian Region of Kashmir. Cooked with capsicum, onions, tomatoes, coriander, mathi and balti spices

Chicken Balti


Lamb Balti


King Prawn Balti



Vegetable Dishes

Vegetable Balti


Cooked with capsicum, onions, tomatoes, coriander, mathi and balti spices


Vegetable Bhuna


Classic curry with tomato and capsicum


Vegetable Dopiaza


A mild curry with crispy onions


Vegetable Karai


Cooked with fresh exotic herbs and spices and served in a sizzling wok


Vegetable Madras


Hot and spicy curry



Vegetable Side Dishes

Bhindi Bhaji (Okra)


Bombay Aloo (Potatoes)


Brinjal Bhaji (Aubergine)


Tarka Daal (Lentils and Garlic)


Mixed Vegetable Bhaji


Saag Bhaji (Spinach)


Saag Paneer   (Spinach & Indian Cheese)


Motor Paneer (Chickpeas & Indian Cheese)




Mushroom Rice


Pilau Rice


Boiled Rice


Vegetable Rice


Egg Rice


Keema Rice (Mincemeat)


Onion Rice


Yash Special Rice (Mixed nuts & sultanas)








Garlic Nan


Cheese Nan


Peshwari Nan


Stuffed with coconut & sultanas


Kulcha Nan


Stuffed with onions, capsicum and garlic


Keema Nan


Stuffed with minced meat




Unleaved bread fried in butter


Stuffed Poratha


Stuffed with mixed vegetates


Tandoori Roti






Pickle Tray


Dahi Raitha


Fresh yoghurt, onions & cucumber





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